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How WSUI got its start


"Our first broadcast transmitter incorporated two experimental vacuum tubes sent to me by a friend and Iowa graduate who is employed by a large electrical firm which was then just starting experimental work with vacuum tubes. They required 500 volts direct current which, in those days, was hard to come by. We drove four direct current motors as generators. With all the attendant difficulties, we did get our 500 volts until the transfer circuits in the Physics Building broke down. ... [T]he microphone after 5 minutes' use used to become too hot to touch so we switched to a second microphone to allow the first to cool off. The quality must have been terrible but those who listened with earphones and cat-whisker detectors thought it was excellent." — Carl Menzer, "Fifty Years of Broadcasting"—The Transit, vol. LXXIII No. 2, November, 1968, p. 21


History of WSUI, 1919-1999
Sara Epstein, FYI, 04/09/1999


WSUI studios


WSUI broadcast schedule


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WSUI Transmitter—Location & Specifications


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104 years of
educational broadcasting
and programming

2020 marks 100th year of scheduled broadcast



"WSUI radio broadcast from Iowa Memorial Union, The University of Iowa, October 1930"

"Professor Raymond and performers in a radio drama, The University of Iowa, 1924"

"Station manager Carl Menzer and staff organist in radio broadcast, The University of Iowa, 1920s"

"University amateur radio station W9YA, The University of Iowa, 1910s"

"Carl Menzer broadcasting from press box at Iowa Stadium, The University of Iowa, 1920s"

"WHAA manager Carl Menzer seated at radio station controls, The University of Iowa, March 13, 1924"

"WSUI radio performance, The University of Iowa, August 1925"

"WSUI studio in attic of Engineering Building, The University of Iowa, January 1929"

WSUI historic photos
Kent, Frederick W. (Frederick Wallace),
Iowa Digital Library
University of Iowa Libraries
Iowa City

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